Yellow Tree Environmental | A local hero in air pollution

I recently met with the owner and MD of Yellow Tree Environmental who is looking to change the literal landscape of South Africa by reducing our air pollution. It was a long and pleasant lunch and super exciting to meet others who are keen to help this country improve, and not just try and get rich.

After some direct questions it seems that the legislation on such things is rather fresh – less than six years, it appears – and they were right out of the box in offering a solution to our air pollution woes. They primarily focus on stack emissions testing and helping a huge bevy of corporates reduce their emissions. The fines are hefty and the price for not performing as they should is in the millions – something I wish they would implement wholesale across South Africa in multiple areas. Corruption, education, service delivery, and on and on. We really need a moral revolution in all areas to take this country out of the ditch it has found itself in. Don’t get me wrong, we have remarkable people, some amazing minds and companies delivering world-class service (just visit a French or American bank to realise how far ahead we are), and such raw natural beauty throughout the whole country. If only we could all work together and help take us forward inch by inch, we could turn into perhaps the most liveable country worldwide.

The nice thing in learning about Yellow Tree Environmental was that they are doing just that. Through good training, excellent service, hard work, diligence, always choosing the moral high ground, and probably a hundred other things I can’t even notice or know about; they are really moving us forward, with their 16 staff, and charismatic leader. Pretty soon I am sure they will appear at the top of the environmental pile and show us all how to put the country first and watch the success follow. I for one was inspired to take Baithe to the next level, and that is why I am so keen to hire more staff and grow this photography business to its maximum potential. And that is why I use a team of photographers, so that together we can offer you the client the best service possible throughout Southern Africa. And perhaps one day… beyond our shores!

Lastly, I also got to add some basic office photos of their place, just to add to their Google My Business listing – as they have just moved to Prime Park, Diep River.