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Let’s make the whole thing easier for us both

It will help both us and you if we are on the same page. That page is knowing how the process works so neither party is disappointed and the whole photography project works seamlessly. We have outlined the key things to note, in chronological order, so you can now what to expect and have ready. Also, it might be helpful to read through the house tips section of this website, the pricing, and the logic behind our travel rates.

  • You get in touch with us with what you require. Name, address, contact details, ideal time and date, type of property, reason for the shoot etc etc. For example: "John Smith, four-bedroom home in Constantia, Cape Town, for sale, shot ideally on a Friday afternoon because I can be home".
  • We give an estimate on what it will cost to shoot, edit, and travel there and back. This is almost always a ballpark figure though sometimes clients want a definite budget. We’ve taken photos for so long now that we’re quite good at predicting the final price but we generally bill on the amount of time it literally took to do the project. If you want to stick to a budget, then it’s quite easy to shoot as much as possible within a time frame.
  • Then we fix a date, and weather-permitting, we stick to it and confirm it closer to the time – normally the day before.
  • When we arrive we then scope out the propery and get an idea of what should be shot and when, what needs to move or be rearranged or cleaned. Ideally the home is in the best condition possible and very little needs to be done.
  • Then the shoot takes place, we return to the office, and edit the photos.
  • Typically they can be edited in 1-3 hours but often there are other projects on the go so a typical turnaround time is 24-48 hours. We try our best to stick to this but at times there is a weekend or a crazy busy period so give us some grace for up to a week. That is especially needed when you want to pursue virtual staging, or other time-consuming edits like adding sunsets, making the sky or swimming pool blue etc.
  • The photos are delivered with a large but semi-opaque watermark on all images so that our work is protected. We’ll simultanesouly send you an invoice via mail and once paid the final images – sans watermark – will be sent through.
  • We may also remember to ask for a Google review, if you wish to give one, but there is no pressure.


Step by Step


Final Thoughts

Most of the above holds true for each and every project but there are always exceptions. A few different projects have emerged like a shoot I did of 17 properties around Cape Town and Stellenbosch that involved tonnes of driving and very little shooting. I also shot 7-8 properties around the Garden Route and split the travel cost between the lodges, Bnb’s, and homes. For those out of the ordinary scenarios then we can customise something for you.