Property Photography

Prices and Rates for 2023

The photography industry can be seen as slightly unusual, as we charge per hour for our work. This seems to be the fairest option as it protects both the interests of the client and the photographer.

Property Photography

This rate starts at the point at which we enter the property and are set up for work. All styling is included in this time, meaning, the more effort you make to get your place ready for the shoot the more time you will save.

Price Per Hour

R900 – R1,000


Decluttering, Virtual Staging, & Retouching

For all editing back in the office we charge the same rate and it’s simply a matter of how long each photo takes that determines the eventual price. A well taken photo can take 30 seconds, a multiple-exposure shot maybe 2-3 minutes, and decluttering or complex virtual staging can take from 30 minutes and up to even two hours.

Price Per Hour



Property Videography

We have ventured into a new field this year and two of our photographers are now offering video walkthroughs of properties in addition to taking stills. We reckon that if you’ve taken the effort to get them there for photos, why not add a video as well? Take a look at the limited portfolio on their pages, something which we will be adding to each month.

Price Per Video

R 1,000 – R4,500



We charge standard AA rates for travel to and from a location; this does however fluctuate with the petrol price. While it may seem high to you, remember that there is no compensation for the time spent travelling.

If we do need to travel incredibly far (outside the Western Cape or Gauteng) please ask for a custom quote, as we would then more than likely need to include accommodation and flights.

Price Per Kilometre

R5,50 – R6,91



All Shoots Include


There is no point taking photos of a scene that isn’t styled when you very easily spend an extra 1-2 minutes making it that little bit better. Let us handle it if you’d prefer.

Light Retouching & Editing

Lens correction, verticals, white balance, colour correction, some vignetting… we know the things that will make your photos shine. We will do our best to edit them to perfection.

The right to a reshoot

If you do not like the final result you are more than happy to ask for the shoot to be redone, by the same photographer or another photographer altogether.

Ideal sizes

We supply the photos at 1920px wide – ideal for displaying on large desktops – and 900px wide, too. Let us know up front for alternative sizes.

Web & Print Copies

We will supply the photos at either 72dpi (ideal for web) and 300dpi (for print) if you so need. Just let us know if you need anything different.

Three months of backups

We store your photos for three months after they’re edited, in case you lose yours. After that, they’re gone…


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Now that you have seen our work, and seen the pricing, it is time to decide if you would like to use us for your own property. We quote for free, are flexible, and would love to see your marketing dreams realised.