Voortrekker Road

Voortrekker road is a wonderful thing. Imagine you were living in Cape Town two hundred odd years ago and needed to trek up north into the Karoo… you’d begin here and cruise! Nowadays it’s a street for bargain hunting as you cruise up and down in a far different manner, looking for that spare parts workshop, or half price couch sale.

I have often thought of just heading north up on this ol’ road. Maybe on a bicycle. Perhaps op voet. Most likely just in my mind. If you go slowly enough (and my mind can be slow) there are a plethora of interesting things to behold. You can have your car repaired for about R4.50. Lunch is slightly more at about R12 (unless you include medical expenses getting the metal out of your system later). And copper perhaps the most expensive at around R300. I of course buy copper to manufacture a whole host of lovely dovely things, all seen here – buy it, buy it now.

Otherwise, Voortrekker road is not good for much else really. The Fish and Chips are perhaps paradoxically the most unknown and yet inexpensive and delicious in the city of Cape Town. The car repair/refit/fixy-upy easily the best. And the copper half the price of those thieves in town.

All said, you must visit it like you must visit Robben Island, if you are to ever truly understand Cape Town and its history.