Travel Rationale

In any shoot we spend a fair amount of time communicating on the phone, or via email and we are not paid for this. Neither are we paid to drive to and back from the location – in most cases* – and so our rate per km is high (by SARS standards) but it is simply the average AA rate for our car/s at the start of the year. Ramaphosa arrived and the petrol price went up six times (!) and might continue to do so, but we try keep this rate down to not put people off.

However, the idea of charging R700 for a 100km round trip still sounds exorbitant… but just remember the 1.5 hours in the car are free, as are the mails, and the follow up. We simply charge for the time spent photographing, and editing – and the AA rate for the car.

*Note: This is not always true for long drives (as in to Knysna from Cape Town) as we normally try book 3-4 shoots in the week to make the trip worth it, and also try do these trips twice a year. There, the rate is lower in that it is shared, but higher as we account for the massive amount of time spent in a car and in accommodation.