Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions for our real estate photography business. Please read this carefully if you are concerned about such things.

1. We arrange a suitable time and day to take photographs
2. We take the photos
3. We edit them
4. We send them to you via Dropbox as soon as possible
5. We invoice you for the work
6. They will come with a watermark
7. You pay us via EFT as soon as you would like the final photos, without a watermark
8. We then send them in two sizes (small and large) asap
9. If you’re not completely satisfied with our images then we are more than happy to return to your property to do one reshoot at no extra cost
10. We retain the rights to all photographs and you essentially “rent” them for all time. We don’t intend to resell them, it’s just typical photography law to outline that ‘we own them, you rent them’
11. If you are satisfied, then we’re all happy and I may ask you to review us online here: goo.gl/7x6Imb