Summer and sunset skies up the West coast

Following on from a previous blog about the meanderings up the west coast to Shelley Point in summer, I thought I’d insert this little picture up of some gorgeous white clouds accented by the dark silhouette of a house.

We get gorgeous clouds in Cape Town, especially in winter, and this is also true up the west coast, where I have travelled to Langebaan, Paternoster, Yzerfontein, Churchhaven, and now Shelley Point, too. They are all delightful in their own unique way.

Quick English lesson: ‘Unique’ means “one of a kind”. Many people use unique incorrectly then when they add adjectives to their explanations of things that are, indeed, unique. Something can’t be more unique, very unique, or totally unique. It’s a standalone word, like perfect, absolute, or total. These words are absolute modifiers (among other things) and although many people disagree with me (and others, I’ll have you know) I do think it makes sense to let words have their proper meaning. Also, I believe that every human is special and perfect in that feel good way that great animations love to depict (about the beauty and importance of the individual).

Anyway, back to the task at hand. These towns are unique and no two are alike. You reading this are unique and I hope you know it too. So, if you go any of these towns listed before this summer, I hope that you have a “uniquey” unique experience. In fact, I think you couldn’t do otherwise.