RoseRoc – A few days in luxury in Knysna

Roseroc was to be my base on my second episode of a Garden Route tour. The first being back in 2017 when I road-tripped from Port Elizabeth down to Cape Town, shooting seven places en route. This time, however, my motives were different. Last year I did quite a few shoots for free to bolster my name in the area, appear on some portfolios, and also enjoy the week. I managed to frequent Ile de Pain, swim in Plett, go for sunset bike rides, attend a nearby wedding and all the while throw in a casual shoot each day.

This time, I was aiming at nicer lodges, and in lieu of some future accommodation, or monetary compensation. Teniqua Treetops was my first port of call, but my second: the illustrious Roseroc. A relative newcomer to the Knysna scene, “retired” Joburgers moved down here to start a second, more chilled life. Little did they know that pretty quickly they were booked up their ears and they are ever so popular now. With six gorgeous rooms on offer, guests are spoilt for choice and thankfully each room has its own magical quality to it.

I photographed the lot – and managed to spend hours soaking in the views from each one – washing away all the fast-paced fury that builds in when living in a fast-paced city like Cape Town. Yes, Cape Town has lost its mind and is now, too, over-populated and rapidly urbanising by the day. A reversal is happening, and I managed to see old Capetonian friends who had escaped to raise their kids in a slower city. All in all, Roseroc was a joy to photograph, and all the more memorable too as they allowed me to stay for free for four nights as well! I shall never forget those breakfasts…


How would you like them?



Hash browns?




And of course, help yourself to cereals, juice, coffee, tea, fresh fruit… you name it. What a perfect way to start the day. After that, the shooting was easy. Like my eggs 🙂