Pebbles Bed and Breakfast | Schoenmakerskop, Port Elizabeth

Pebbles is a wonderful place to stay in the great city of Port Elizabeth. If you find yourself needing some accommodation one day, then you should definitely consider staying at Pebbles! you would never think you are staying in Port Elizabeth – and in a sense, you’re not – as this lovely little guest cottage seems miles away from the city centre. Perhaps you could reach it in twenty minutes, but the drive around the coastline seems longer as the scenery changes like a finance minister.

In a quick hour I was able to photograph this spot, and I would like to believe that these photos will help catapult the lodge up the B&B ratings, be they on AirBnb or not. I am certain that photos are more than likely the biggest determining factor in people choosing a place, after price. Ok, maybe reviews too. And perhaps location, but that doesn’t really count, as great photos of a spot in Rio de Janeiro ain’t really going to matter if you are wanting to stay in Port Elizabeth. At Pebbles, I might add. Or vice versa.

Speaking of vices, some people’s vice is greed, others pride, some others gluttony. You may just suffer from envy though if you book elsewhere, and then stroll past this place in the afternoon, cussin’ to yourself and wishing you had taken this for your business trip night over. But who is to judge…? Not I.

Anyway, cast your eyes over these here photos, and then go and read another blog post about another place in Port Elizabeth 🙂