Paradyskloof is just what it sounds like: paradise. For those who know little Afrikaans, that is basically what the name means. This little haven of paradise, secluded from the busyness of Stellenbosch (never mind Cape Town), was a dream location to visit. First, because there was no wind, although a south-easter was howling in Cape Town. Secondly, because you have the mountain view, the trees, the weather, the outdoor lifestyle a mere stone’s throw away.

It made me want to move out here immediately! And I may just, the way traffic is changing in our non-paradyskloof Mother city.

To the home. The home was gorgeous four-bedroom affair owned by locals looking to emigrate in months to come. They decorated and styled themselves, buying flowers and whatnot, and it was such a pleasure to just walk in and take photos in an already perfect environment. Added to that, they offered me lunch! How lovely.

What more could one ask of in paradise than a little money, a free lunch, and some good weather…