Shooting 17 Properties for RPF

For the first time, and perhaps the last, I performed what I term a “Multi-shoot Extravaganza” for RPF Properties – a property group in Cape Town. This involved shooting that many properties over three days all across the city. It was incredibly fun, but even more so: incredibly dangerous! Needing to go into dodgy areas with a camera isn’t something that is too appealing in this country but it was worth the effort, as I came away unscathed.

At the end, the company let me know they will be asking me again in 2020, to do another Multi-shoot for them but next time, I will bring a security detail!

Added bonus: I got to finally visit the Blue Crane & Butterfly Coffee Shop in Stellenbosch, on my travels. It was a real whirlwind around the city and I managed to see some really out of the way places.