Lemoenfontein Game Lodge

Lemoenfontein Game Lodge is in the Western Cape, just over the border from my Northern Cape escapades. Happily back in the province of my habitat it was here that I did a really quick shoot for a client. Unsure how I would fare he gave me carte blanche for an hour or two and then waited a few days for me to get home and edit before commenting on the work. Thankfully, we was much appreciative, so in months to comeI hope to return to this lovely Karoo outpost and spend two days taking photos of all manner of things.

The Karoo is like a vacuum in the left centre of South Africa, yet while many think of a vacuum devoid of anything interesting, I see the positive side to a vacuum. That it is nicely removed from many of the city’s trappings and problems. I can’t imagine parking to be an issue here, for example. The Central Karoo (to be more precise) was such a pleasure to be in, albeit just for 48 hours on a sneaky road trip from Joburg down to Cape Town in early May. The most positive thing at the end though was the email from the client a few days later, simply saying he’d love to have me back. How pleasant!

I love the idea of rocketing back in my new Golf 6 (airbag, ABS, aircon, and music player all in tow) for a two-day shoot. There is so much to see and photograph it would be a shame to rush anything, especially in the Karoo. So, Lemoenfontein, I do hope to see you again shortly. Perhaps after the school holiday madness, and when I need a break from winter in the wet Cape.

For those still reading, here are some nice pics to encourage you to book a stop here if ever, like me, you need a watering hole between Joburg and Cape Town.