Lazy Leopard | Makes for some lazy guests!

The Lazy Leopard is a gem on the garden route situated along Rheenendal road, just outside of Knysna. Thankfully untouched in the recent fires of the last two years (one early November 2018, and the obvious and devastating one in June 2017) it still has three amazing lodges with unparalleled views north towards the inland mountains. I forgot their name (sorry) but I didn’t forget that view!

Each of the two small cabins come with an outdoor-ish shower, and totally outdoor bath. Apparently it is quite a thing nowadays and I can believe it! To sit in the tub and watch the sky change, hear the birds, and nothing else but an occasional cup of tea and a book – you can’t expect much more. It actually goes with my theory that one day the most sought after and expensive thing will be that: nothing. People will seek after quiet places of solitude to just sit quietly and think without being bombarded with wi-fi and signal and noise and problems from the office. To think the whole world had that a hundred years ago is hilarious.

The shooting of this place, however, was magical – no hilarity ensued, though I did question if a leopard may appear at any time and give me a skrik. I think that too many men have injured and scared them in centuries past that they keep to themselves, and let us lie in peace on the deck in our baths. They can just play in the river and skip the soap and confrontations. Too awkward for us all otherwise.

Which reminds me of why it is called the “Lazy Leopard” – you are up on a hill and I can’t imagine a leopard bothering to come all the way up just to watch you bath. And I can’t fathom any human going all the way down to their river to wash like an animal and hike all the way up the hill again only to need another bath. And that is chiefly what you will do if you – like me – visit the Lazy Leopard: lie in the bath with a book and a view. Modern day paradise.