Langebaan Property – A gorgeous interior will surprise you

Every now and again you arrive at a home and are underwhelmed by its exterior only to be overwhelmed (relatively) by its interior. It is very rare you are whelmed, the two being equal in your opinion. The same could likely be said about people, actually. How often is that gorgeous woman you are in love with equally wonderful on the inside? About one in a brazilian, I would say. But let us go back to property, and away from people, for now.

Again in Langebaan, I photographed a wonderful home for a nice couple who just had such good taste for their home’s interior. Nice decor, nice symmetry, nice furniture, nice nicey nice. What a pleasure to photograph because… the easiest jobs for me are ones where you can easily see beauty and you just capture that. In fact, it is likely my number one tip to aspiring photographers: find beauty, and capture it. None of this arty nonsense, just classic stuff with a dash of creativity now and then. People who are “so creative” as in like 100% of the time are frauds, and silly, in my opinion. Be classic, have a touch of pizazz now and then, but do not call everything “art”. What a load of nonsense. You drop your keys and it looks a certain way, oooohhhhh it’s art. Nah man, you’re on drugs.

This home however, had just the right amount of style; not over the top, not under the covers. Just, right. Anyway, their exterior wouldn’t have attracted any high end criminals but the interior, wow, it was gorgeous. Maybe the dream woman could be the same. Do not try rob her (heart?), treat her like anyone else, then try find out if her interior is made of gold. You might just be overwhelmed.