Kleinrivier Mountain Lodge | Some fun in the sun

Kleinrivier Mountain Lodge was a brief photo journey I made one Monday afternoon, stepping out from Port Elizabeth after a day of shooting a few places, including this one.

You can see Kleinriver’s website for more information about the place but I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to escape Port Elizabeth for the weekend and do some nice birding or hiking. Or just get away from the noise, really. I went up with the owner and marvelled at the astounding beauty of the Eastern Cape – I never cease to be amazed at how stunning it is. The dream would be to get here and raise kids in these parts – but not till I make my fortune in the cities of gold, I dare say.

Interestingly, there are quite a few retirees out this way, choosing to retire among the quiet of the Karoo veld, rather than chance their luck with the revellers in Plett or Knysna. Plettenberg Bay (or equivalent) would be my choice, and a view something like this, would be a good option, too. However, who knows what the future holds. Hopefully rain clouds in the Cape!

Anyway, there were quite a few options of places to stay at Kleinrivier Mountain Lodge and therefore a number of them to shoot. I ended up only doing two and shall have to return for the other two on some other day – likely in December when I hope to make another turn up that way. The light in winter is softer, nicer. The light in summer is longer, and easier for the nooks and crannies that the lodge had – being nestled up in the mountain valleys. I have never photographed a place before that literally didn’t get direct sunlight the entire day (in winter, at least) and so it would be good to see if the photos of the tented camp are better in summer. Plus, it will be warmer too!

So, if you have a chance, take a meander up this way for some nice accommodation in the start of the Karoo. You won’t be disappointed.