Il de pain

Il de Pain is the sumptuous creation of a Belgian baker. Based in Knysna this is one of thee best places to visit in your time here, should you go.

When I managed to visit it on my epic ten day foray through the Garden Route, it was a must-see stop on the tour. Four friends, all eager, dived into our menus as soon as we got them, such was the power of the sights and smells drawing us to order.

Thesen Island is a pleasure to visit any time of year, but no matter the weather, you must come to this bakery. Il de Pain is quite famous for its food – both sold and consumed on sight – and a worthwhile place to while away your time when in the vicinity. While we stayed on Leisure Isle the temptation to stay in bed was only surpassed by the temptation to make trips to this gorgeous bakery! Luckily so or we would have been in bed all week long.

A photography journey is not worth the time if one does not stop and take the time to enjoy each town’s pleasant offerings. Next up will be Botswana and previously was the Sabi Sands and Korea. And I made full well that I experienced those places full well. Later this coming year I expect to be whisking through the whole Karoo – and boyI shall eat my way through those towns.