Five Star Hotel Shoot | Radisson Blu, Cape Town

It is not often you get asked to shoot the Radisson Blu, or any large, well-known hotel but when those enquiries come, you get very excited. It makes all the hard work over the years worth it. What is great is that I had been to the Radisson (at the Waterfront) just a few days before for a highly recommended business workshop type of thing so I felt that there was “something in the stars” aligning for me this time.

Some clients don’t treat you so well – perhaps assuming you might be some type of criminal in your home, and worrying you might nick something – and others treat you nicely, and a few offer lunch and say ‘make yourselves at home’. The Radisson Blu went to the next level! A huge buffet breakfast on offer for me, the invitation to ‘grab anything you want’ and to order whatever I needed for the room (newspaper? flat white? fruit platter?), and to go down to the restaurant for lunch on them. This is such a treat, I almost wanted to check in and stay the night!

The assignment was to photograph the three penthouse suites at the top of the (23?) storey building, and the views from the top were sublime, as were the apartments. It was certainly a highlight to photograph, and I do hop they ask me to return again, and again. Perhaps I have now got an “in’ with the hospitality industry in Cape Town, and hopefully abroad. My dream, as always, is to make it out to the Seychelles for some extravagant shoot. Or, even just pokey old Mauritius.