Direction – So essential in today’s age

Ever been lost and needed some direction? Ever been lost with Google Maps (or equivalent) on hand? Or more literally, in hand.

The world has grown ever closer, more populated, and more congested with people, objects, and information. It’s overwhelming. So overwhelming that you need to zoops up the west coast (or equivalent) every now and then to escape. This pretty little weathervane was all the direction I needed this past week as I soaked up the sun’s rays and gazed out on the tranquil Atlantic ocean. The wind was onshore, meaning warmer waters for swimming, and apart from that I didn’t really need to know much else.

Today we’re bombarded with information and our little friends a.k.a smartphones are doing their finest to remind us of that, at a rate of knots. Thankfully, I was more concerned with the knots of the wind as I’d hoped to do a little kitesurfing on my escape. Why am I writing about a holiday, which must be non-work related? Because holidays help you work better and reflect on your life and career and place in the world in a way that you cannot when tied to a desk (not literally this time, though perhaps one day). After assessing everything that passed through my mind in the brief jaunt up the coast I was reminded to take things slow, do a good job on the clients that come Baithe’s way, and be grateful for each day. I think that’s part of the company’s philosophy, but I forget; I should reread it one of these days.

Speaking of wind and waters, a good sailor steers a right course, and I hope you are steering your life in the right direction. As for me and Baithe and our journey together: we’ve been reset and refreshed and have potential new exciting things upcoming this summer, part of which has been revealed by our new offering on our home page.