Copper is still here!

Copper was a huge trend way back in 2015. However, glancing around, as one does, it still seems very much to be so! I guess they don’t mind things that wouldn’t be popular ten years down the line. And so, buying or decorating with any of those major metals is always a wise choice. Moving on to the point and focus of this article, this apartment had some incredible styling done to it with the happy addition of copper!

This flat was gorgeous, and each of the flats I shot on this project (four or five methinks) was styled by some famous Capetonian lady, whose name I have since forgotten. I will have to find out again one day, when my turn to remodel and restyle my own home comes around. Until then, I shall return to photographing interiors and looking out for the said copper. It really does jump out at you, doesn’t it?!

Below are some favourite photos from two of the apartments, and stay tuned for more of the like in coming months. I do believe that Baithe may be returning to shoot a whole host more of these precios gems in 2018. The year of photographing copper! Only 3-4 years late on the trend…

[On a side note: It was also our first time shooting in close-by Observatory, which is at the butt end of the southern suburbs. Little did I realise what priceless apartments lie just opposite Groote Schuur. Go and buy one today, if you can afford it!]