Cape Town – City of dreams

This city has few equals, if any. It’s no wonder then that so many photographers choose to ply their trade here – the landscape a veritable wonderland for us all. Few cities have the dual privilege of being squeezed between the mountains and the sea, and fewer of those remain as sparsely populated as ours. A mere three million or so share this peninsula yet it feels so much fewer, most notably on a perfect weekend of weather when you find yourself on the beach, or hiking up a mountain. The city’s homes stretch for miles in all directions, and you would think the traffic would, too…

But it doesn’t, somehow. Cape Town has that ability to cater to every person’s need and satisfy them all separately, in separately places, simultaneously. Which means beaches are fairly quiet, roads, manageable, forests quiet, and mountain top lakes and their neighbouring huts not too hard to book in to. If you have never been to one of these huts, grab a pass up the cable car, and go and check them out. A simple membership and a little time and you can find yourself staying in a home atop the world’s most famous ‘city mountain’.

The views are unsurpassed; bring your camera.