Caledon Wind Turbines: The inner-ear debate

I drove past Caledon the other day and found myself mesmerised by the giant wind turbines, gently turning in the air. It’s not often one finds oneself staring at manmade objects when nature is on full display right beside it, but today was different. I have a secret love affair with wind turbines and I wonder if I alone in this romance?

The great thing about debates with oneself, or more accurately, a soliloquy, is that there is no opposition with which to wrestle. You always win these debates, but I’ll let you know my thoughts for free today.

Wind turbines are an alternative, sustainable energy source. Fact. Wind is free. Wind is essential to the earth’s existence (else our temperatures won’t be mitigated, among other things) and so if we don’t have wind we really wouldn’t need to worry about powering a lifeless earth. There are plenty of other power sources and essentially every country needs a bouquet of them as a solution to prevent shortages when one or a number of them aren’t producing (that word makes me think of cows being milked and the mostly evil dairy industry).

The number one complaint I have heard from those pro-nuclear or anti-wind energy is that the turbines are ugly. I couldn’t disagree more. In fields of canola beside Caledon, or a few miles out to sea, I believe they enhance the view. In fact, they are part of the reason you can see the view, unlike in a coal-powered (and polluted) world filled with haze and smog. And so, now you can enjoy the beauty of creation and the culmination of man’s progress in science and technology simultaneously. And that’s something special.