Bryanston is another, more northern, suburb of Johannesburg. Previously I had been visiting Craighall, and Sandton, and many other areas. Today though, I ventured into the “north”. Perilous. Or not so much. Bryanston smacks of big homes, high walls, lots of trees, and money. Pretty much what Joburg represents, generally.

This is my new market, so I am all for it from a business sense, not so much from a lifestyle sense. Growing up in Durban, I was used to the big gardens, lovely homes (relatively), and many others things (like the thundershowers). However, the sheer scale and culture of Joburg is something entirely new to me. I prefer Cape Town’s balance, and Durban’s laid back lifestyle and culture, to be honest. Though, in time I think Joburg will grow on me. I’ve come here four times this year to take photos (starting in the bush and then doing just the city thereafter) and feel it is natural to expect to come here at least four times next year.

Logically though, we will plan things a lot better for next time. Potentially hiring someone this side, or doing more in each trip. It is amazing how many homes you could shoot in a day if you tried… I haven’t yet!

Three to four seems a maximum, but with lots of light and a long summer’s day, more are possible. For me, and today, just the one in Bryanston seems enough. Somehow the whole process can be tiring and you just want to jump in the homeowners pool at the end of a set. Perhaps in time we will offer drone shots and video, and video walkthroughs (as was originally intended) and then a home shoot will become a whole day affair. Then we can bring in the snacks, the team, the music, the lights, the vibe and make a whole day of it.

Who knows, work in Joburg could one day be a more relaxed thing for all parties involved…

It just doesn’t seem that kind of culture is coming any time soon 😉